​                                                                                                Thanksgiving

By Jim Murriner

Everyone today has much to give thanks unto God for whether it is the season near Thanksgiving day or at any other time of the year.
We can thank God for giving us those simple things which are so vital for us, and which we fail to think about.
Each breath which we breath, is a gift from God for which we should be thankful. Job 27:3 tells us that God gives man breath, and Job 12:10 tells us that God has the breath of mankind in His hand. We relate breath and life, and Acts 17:25 tells us that God gives us both. 
Those things which we often would list as worthy of being thankful for, are all from the Lord. James1:17 declares all good gifts to be from God, so lets give thanks to God for all possessions that we have.
For those of us who live in a free country such as the U.S.A, it is by no accident, that we live in the United States of America, or what ever other country which allows freedom, and enjoy the many freedoms which we have here. Romans 13: 1-7 tells us that God sets up governments, which we are to be subject unto. Proverbs 21:1 assures us that regardless of what kind of government or leader we have, God causes the freedoms which we have.
We are to be thankful for all of these things, but if you have been saved by the grace of God you have a multitude of things for which you can be thankful for today. Eph. 1:3 tells us that all spiritual
blessings come from God. The spiritual blessing which come from God include each and every thing which God has done in giving us spiritual life.
The beginning of these would be God's love for us in the past, not only before we came to Him but before we were even born,(Eph.1:5) and before the foundation of the world (Eph.1:4)
Then there is the spiritual blessing of being redeemed, for which we also must thank God. Gal. 3:13 tells us that it is Christ the Son of God, even God in the flesh that has redeemed us, and I Peter
1:18-19 tells us that He has done so by His blood.
There are also many other spiritual blessings given to us by God, for which we need to be thankful. 
The Bible speaks of adoption, justification, pardoning, and even of Him giving us eternal life, which means that it will never end.
Yet the two things which we are to be the most thankful unto God for, is that in spite of who and what we are, God has had mercy unto us, and has been gracious unto us.